Message to Text Office | MSG2TXT Australia

Voice to Digital for your office.

Instead of using your included voicemail plan, use smart messaging from msg2txt. No more dialing in, and scribbling notes from voicemail.

Divert your mobile and office lines for a central message location. Unanswered calls are sent to msg2txt and processed instantly. You receive a convenient email or SMS transcription.

Perfect for all office environments and service industries. Hotels | Mechanics | Hair Dressing | Shops | Bookings Service | Restaurants | Florists | Take-Away | Factory | Dentist | Massage | Medical | Plumber | Electrician | Lawn Mowing | Personal Training. Any time you need to minimise work interuptions, let MSG2TXT take care of call, transribe and notify you fast.

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For the office :

Instant account activation

Email/SMS Notification

100 Included SMS notifications/Month

Fast local support

Management Control Panel

Up to 2200 Messages/Month

Easy to setup and manage.

Get started by following these quick steps.

Sign up to MSG2TXT

Setup your email and SMS notifcations

Test using your access number

Start forwarding your calls

MSG2TXT Office.

Instant Setup

Your new MSG2TXT account will be activated immediately after your paypal payment.

Increase Productivity

Have MSG2TXT answer your calls and receive instant transcription of the message. No more listening and jotting down notes from voicemail.

Full Local Support

Fast friendly support, here in Australia.

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